When Will My Box Arrive?

Subscription and One Off Boxes are shipped, at the latest, by the end of the second week of the month. Sometimes they can be shipped slightly earlier if all items arrive with us sooner than expected. Once the box is shipped it could take up to five working days for it to be delivered to you. Charity Boxes and Single Products are shipped as soon as packaging is completed. You will receive email notification of your parcel being shipped. If you are concerned about your box arriving please contact us. 

Why Is There Three Weeks Between A Box Cut Off Date & Shipping?

Our priority is sourcing the highest quality products for your pups, most of which you wouldn't find in the high street stores. As  a result of this, many of our items are custom or handmade. Due to the nature of these products we allow enough time for the items to be custom made and to reach us. We also allow this much time for any postal issues that may arise. 

When Will My Payment Be Taken?

Your payment will be processed on the same date that you originally signed up for your box each month. Please contact us if you wish to change your subscription payment date.

Can I Stop My Subscription At Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. At the start of your subscription, you have a ten day cooling off period after the initial payment has been made to change your mind. If you cancel your subscription within the cooling off period, you will receive a full refund and no box will be shipped to you. If you cancel after the ten day cooling off period, you will not receive a refund for the box or boxes you have paid for, you will only cancel any future boxes. You also have the option to pause you subscription for a period of time, or to skip a specific month, if you think you may want to continue your subscription at some point. Pausing or skipping the month must be done before payment for that month is taken.

How Do I Pause Or Skip A Month?

You will need to log into your account and edit your subscription. There will then be an option to either skip a month or pause your subscription. Please contact us if you're having trouble.

When Is The Cut Off For Ordering?

Our cut off for ordering boxes for a specific month is usually the Friday of the penultimate week of the month. For example: If you wanted the February box the cut off for that would be the Friday of the penultimate week of January. 

My Dog Has Specific Needs (eg Allergies) Can You Cater For That?

Every Pawfection Pack is made with each dog in mind. We try to personalise the boxes as much as we can, so the individual needs of your pup won't cause any problems . We take into account age, breed, allergies, size and any other information you are able to give us that could make your Pawfection Pack perfect for your pet.

My Dog Is A Toy Destroyer, Is That Something You Can Cater For?

We always do our best to include things in your boxes that suit your pet perfectly, and if you let us know about this we can always try our best. Unfortunately some toys, no matter how indestructible they say they are, don't always live up to expectations with certain dogs (this is something we know all too well with our own pups). 

How Do You Find Out Details About The Pets?

If you are subscribing there will be a survey for you to fill out when you first purchase. This should tell us all the details we need to know. If you feel there are more details you couldn't fit on the survey please do contact us to let us know. If you are purchasing a One Off Box from us you should receive an email shortly after you've placed your order asking you for your pet's details, so please keep an eye on your inbox and drop us an email if you haven't received anything in 24hrs. Our Charity Boxes don't require any knowledge of your pet, as these are a random assortment of items, although if your pet has a severe allergy or is quite a young pup please do message us so we are aware. 

What Can I Expect In A Box?

All of our boxes are slightly different, so we can have a box that suits everyone. Every box has a minimum of four items included and our premium boxes have slightly more. Each box could come with accessories, treats, toys, care items, poop bags and either a coupon, tips  or recipe card. See our store page and select each box to see what each box could contain each month. We try to make sure all of our items are of a high quality and are from independent UK Sellars wherever possible. We also theme each of our boxes on pop culture events and the time of year. For a more detailed overview please see here. 

Will I Get Value For Money?

We take a lot of time to find fun and exciting items that you may not find on the high street. We talk to many independent sellers of pet items to find the products that not only fit perfectly with our theme, but are also a great quality brand. We aim to make sure each box is full of things that not only help look after your pet, but are also fun for you. All the items within each box usually exceed the box price by about 25%.

What Makes The One Off & Charity Boxes Different?

Our One Off Boxes follow the rules and themes of the subscription boxes, so they are for people who want to buy the same as subscribers, but don't want to commit to a full subscription, or would like to try out a box before subscribing. Our Charity Boxes can be bought at any time, and can be sent out more quickly after ordering. They do not follow the themes of the subscription boxes and are a random assortment of items for your pet. 10% of the purchase price of these go directly to charity.